Purple, Daffodil Aquamarine Cobalt, Cherry Aqua, Emerald, Midnight Moon Balloons are fun for everyone!

These are my moody lights. I personally think they look like balloons, and can’t think of a more tranquil state than suspended in space, floating above, with a bird’s eye view of the human race. Unless, of course, you happen to be floating about the Kansas skies on a innocent afternoon only to discover a strange, funnel shaped, earth drilling wind machine blowing you and your balloon sideways far away from where it was you thought you were.

These Moon Balloons are blown out thin with a fire polished small opening on top. The fixtures have custom made collapsing brackets that allow for easy light bulb changing. Depending on where you’ll be displaying your balloon, it comes with both a 15W and a 25W bulb so you can have the correct amount of light intensity for your personal tastes. When I look at these lights, I definitely believe less wattage is more.

Dimensions: vary, but larger balloons are approximately 6.5”(wide) x 19”(long)

Please refer to our color chart for color information.  Click Here


Multi-Colored - $250

Single Color  - $200

(+ $30 S/H for each Moon Balloon)

Please choose Type (S/H have been included)
Color 1
Color 2
Special Requests
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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