Betta Bowl

Betta Bowl

     These fish bowl sculptures consist of two main pieces of blown glass; the top fish bowl and the bottom pedestal. Each sculpture comes with original, one-of-a-kind, fish bowl water decorations which keep fish and frogs happy and well adjusted to their environment. This may sound fishy, but I believe interior decorations help the pets thrive, and also cleaning your bowl is very easy; no sand, gravel and algae generating plants needed to keep your fish happy. The pedestal comes with a light and optional dimmer switch (highly recommended). The bowl’s top is cut off with a cold saw so you have a flat, polished optically intriguing surface on the top of your living light sculpture. Both top and bottom are made with thick glass so don’t worry about things breaking. Bowls hold about 1.5 gallons. I use distilled water and therefore never have to worry about mineral deposits…fish live long lives and love freeze-dried bloodworms.

     Size varies. My large sculptures tend to be about 10.5” wide and about 16” tall. Shorter pedestals and smaller bowls are available too. The light fixture holds a 10W, 120V, long-lasting, incandescent light bulb. These two-piece sculptures weigh at least 15 pounds (w/out H20).

Each of these masterpieces is one-of-a-kind at:


Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
(+ $75 S/H which is added at checkout)

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