Dark Cobalt, Aquamarine, Emerald - Cobalt Eye Emerald, Forest Green - Emerald Eye Saffron - Cherry Eye Amethyst - Cherry Eye Eel Green, Sargasso, Forest Green - Cobalt Eye Amethyst, Cherry, Saffron - Cherry Eye Cobalt, Emerald - Emerald Eye Cherry, Saffron - Cherry Eye mall Bettas of all colors.

Small Bettas

As far as describing these Bettas, please refer to what I’ve said about the Large Bettas, and imagine the glass fish sculpting-scale-of--difficulty divided at least by half. Size does (or doesn’t) matter when I am sculpting Bettas, but believe me when I say, “bigger ain’t quicker”.

Approximate dimensions: 4”(wide) x 6”(tall) x 9.5”(long) 

Weight: at least 1.75 pounds

For more information please click on one of the fish on the left for color code.


Each glass Betta is one-of-a-kind:

Price: $195.00

(+ $30 S/H which is added at checkout)

Please choose a Color

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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