These are my standard colors. 
For additional colors, please see below.
East Bay Batch and Color
Gaffer Transparent Colors
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G-011 Gold Amethyst
G11 Gold Amethyst

G-012 Brilliant GoldG12 Brilliant Gold
G-020 Cobalt Extra BlueG20 Cobalt Extra Blue

G-021 Midnight Blue
G21 Midnight Blue

G-022 Aquamarine BlueG22 Aquamarine Blue
G-026 Cerulean BlueG26 Cerulean Blue
G-032 Emerald GreenG32 Emerald Green
G-035 Forest GreenG35 Forest Green
G-037 Sargasso GreenG37 Sargasso Green
G-040 PurpleG40 Purple
G-050 BlackG50 Black G-059 Eel GreenG59 Eel Green
G-070 SaffronG70 Saffron
G-074 Cherry RedG74 Cherry Red G-077 DaffodilG77 Daffodil
G-101 Opal White
G-101 Opal White
Opal White
R-041 Dark Blue Cobalt
R-41 Dark Blue Cobalt
Dark Blue Cobalt
R-061 Enamel White
R-061 Enamel White
Enamel White

East Bay Batch and Color:

Gaffer Transparent Colors
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G-000 Clear Crystal
G00 Clear Crystal

G-010 Gold Ruby ExtraG10 Gold Ruby Extra

G-013 ApricotG13 Apricot
G-014 Gold Ruby>G14 Gold Ruby l.bok">
G-015 HyacinthG15 Hyacinth
G-016 Wine RedG16 Wine Red -strse-

G-019 Gold TopazG19 Gold Topaz -strse-340/G-dsh-01
G-023 Copper BlueG23 Copper Blue -
G-024 Steel BlueG24 Steel Blue -strse-342/G-dsh-019-Gold-Topa
G-025 Steel GreyG25 Steel Grey -
G-025A Old Steel Blue <br>(old stock)G25A Old Steel Blue
(old stock)
G-030 Jade GreenG30 Jade Green
G-031 Olive GreenG31 Olive Green
G-033 Teal GreenG33 Teal Green il.bok">
G-034 Fluoro GreenG34 Fluoro Green -

G-036 Lime GreenG36 Lime Green olor-
G-038 Uranium GreenG38 Uranium Green -strse-349/G-dsh-026-
G-045 IndigoG45 Indigo -s

G-049 Nero DuroG49 Nero Duro
G-051 AubergineG51 Aubergine
G-052 TeaG52 Tea
G-054 Bronze-G54 Bronze

G-055 GreyG55 Grey
G-060 Silver Blue LusterG60 Silver Blue Luster
G-061 Gold Luster

G61 Gold Luster

G-062 Black LusterG62 Black Luster

G-063 Iris Yellow LusterG63 Iris Yellow Luster

G-065 Purple LusterG65 Purple Luster

G-066 Red LusterG66 Red Luster

G-067 Green Luster

G67 Green Luster

 G-068 Clear LusterG68 Clear Luster

G-071 OrangeG71 Orange -strse-375/G-dsh-070-Saffron/Detail.bok">
G-072 ScarletG72 Scarlet -strse-376/G-dsh-071-Orange/Detail.bok">

G-073 CitronG73 Citron
G-075 Copper RubyG75 Copper Ruby
G-076 YellowG76 Yellow

G-080 Photosensitive RubyG80 Photosensitive Ruby

G-090 Lime AventurineG90 Lime Aventurine