Cherry, Gold Amethyst, Midnight Aquamarine Cobalt, Emerald, Gold, Midnight Emerald, Cobalt, Gold, Midnight Cobalt, Gold, Midnight Cherry, Emerald, Brilliant Gold Aquamarine, Emerald, Purple Moonlights

Moon Lights


I make a variety of lights. They have different coloring styles, sizes and shapes.


My “stormy” lights are made with both glass powder colors, and color frits. The process takes some time because I layer the colors gradually to avoid too much overlap. Muddy results, unless they’re intentional, don’t always do glass justice. I sometimes also build layers up so there’s a texture appearance in the final result.


The “fritty” Moon Lights are made with a roll up process. This process takes time also because cold glass doesn’t want to stick to hot glass. It’s a gradual, layering-on process.


I also make these lights in single opaque and single transparent colors.


The Moon Lights that have clear glass rims on the bottom cause a unique lighting affect. When the light inside hits the clear curved shape, the light refracts out and can light up a large table surface from a relatively low position. This is especially true for the round shaped Moon Lights.

Each light is suspended from 120lb stainless steel fishing cable, and uses light bulbs up to 60W. The larger 2-piece fixtures weigh 7 or 8 lbs max, so there’s no concern about weight and safety.  Cable and wiring can be made to any length. I also provide a top canopy for your ceiling fixture if desired.

Click on one of the pictures to the left for a better view.

For prices and more details, please contact me.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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