Cherry Cobalt (K2) Cherry Emerald (K1) Purple Black (K2) Aqua Emerald (K2) Emerald Black (K1) Cherry, Cherry Emerald (K2) Cobalt Black (K1) Aquamarine Emerald (K2) Cobalt Black, Emerald Black (K1) Cobalt Black, Cerulean Black, Aquamarine Black (K1) Cobalt Black (K1) Emerald Daffodil, Cobalt Black (K2) Cherry Emerald (K2) Emerald Daffodil, Purple Daffodil (K2) Emerald Black, Cobalt Black(K2) Shot Glasses of every color!

Shot Glasses   

 These shot glasses are for those of us who like smiling. I promise!  I use lots of transparent and some opaque colors. The colors are all cased in clear glass, so the glasses are safe and healthy to drink from. Since these shots are hand blown and have multiple different colors, I recommend washing them by hand.  However, I do know that not all of my glass is washed by hand, and I have yet to hear of a dishwasher catastrophe.

     Sizes and shapes vary a bit, but I’ll match sizes for set orders the best I can, unless specifically requested otherwise. With mood and matters in mind, some folk might think a little variation gives a set more character and individuality. It’s up to you! It is true that party participants tend to have favorites, and that’s a fun part of any party.

 Approximate size: 2” x 2 3/4”

 Price: $40 – 1

           $70 – 2

           $120 -- 4


           $15 (less than 4 glasses)

           $25 (4 or more glasses)

The pictures to the left give you a variety of color ideas.  Please click on any of the pictures to get a larger view.

Shot glasses are colored with either small frit (k-1), or large frit (k-2). After viewing pictures, you can decide which frit size you like. At the bottom of each enlarged picture,  the particular frit size used has been labeled. It's either  k-1 (small frit), or k-2 (large frit). 

When ordering below, please choose Color 1 (required) and a Color 2 if you like.


Note: Shipping charges are based on quantity ordered and are added into the pricing below.

Quantity (S/H have been included)
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Special Requests
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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